Victory grips 2-fingers Stealth

Victory grips 2-fingers Stealth

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Victory grips 2-fingers Stealth
The Victory Grips 2-Finger Grips are unlike any 2-Finger Grip on the market. Inspired by men’s ring grips and women’s bar grips for artistic gymnastics, the design will provide former gymnasts a familiar experience and all athletes a new responsiveness. This is an advanced specialty Grip.
UNIQUE SHAPE The angle and contours of the design provide natural ergonomics and the ability to have options as to which two fingers the grips are worn dependent on an athletes preferences and needs.

THIN PROFILE The width is the most narrow of any 2-Finger grip to provide a minimalist feel while balancing protection and performance.
VARIABLE THICKNESS The area of the fold is thicker through the application of a patch to provide the fingers greater leverage while the palm area is thinner for maximum dexterity. The result is a very efficient hold on the pull-up bar, rings and kettlebells.


Measure your hand from the first joint of your middle finger to the crease just below your palm. Choose the size according to where you prefer to position the finger holes. (See Proper Wear above)

POSITION 1: Finger holes worn between first and second joint
POSITION 2: Finger holes worn at the base of the fingers

Link to sizing guide

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