Victory grips Stealth 3-finger. Women´s.

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Victory grips Stealth 3-finger. Women´s.

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Stealth grips are made of a high performance synthetic microfiber that is 3 times stronger and lighter than leather with a higher abrasion resistance. Therefore, we are able to make these grips thinner than leather providing a barehanded natural feel and full protection. The Stealth grips will not stretch like leather and will hold their shape more consistently. Additionally, they are microporous, allowing water vapor and heat to pass through allowing them to deal with sweat very well. STEALTH grips can be washed by hand or in a gentle cycle, and allow to hang dry. They are also vegan friendly!

Measure from the base of your middle finger (where the finger meets the palm) to the base of the palm (where the palm meets the wrist; the line where your hand bends at the wrist.) The measurement is in cm.      

Men’s Sizes
Small (9,9 cm and below. Typically if you are 165 cm in height and below)
Medium (10 cm - 11,5 cm. Typically if you are 166 - 182 cm in height) 
Large (11,6 cm and up. Typically if you are 183 cm and above)

Women’s Sizes 
Small (8,9 cm and below.) 
Medium (9 - 10 cm)